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Automated Remediation

    Takedown Threats

    You’ve invested significant resources in next-generation perimeter and endpoint security technologies. Likewise, you’ve adopted threat feeds, TIPs and SIEMs with a goal of organizing data and prioritizing threats.  But even with these tools, the process of operationalizing intelligence and updating security devices continues to be manually-intensive and reactive.
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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights’ Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform turns tailored intelligence into security action by automating security device update processes and streamlining external threat take down workflows.
    Automated Threat Blocking
    Anticipate and mitigate threats by automatically updating firewalls, gateways, proxies and endpoint security tools with validated hashes for blacklisting and blocking.
    External Threat Takedown
    Take down malicious mobile applications, phishing sites, and suspicious domains with one-click via integration with Google, app stores and utilizing IntSights Threat Analysis team.
    Internal Threat Remediation
    Remediate risks to employees and systems caused by leaked credentials and target employee lists via integration with Active Directory and Exchange.
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