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Dark Web Slang and Other Tips for Navigating the Dark Web

For those tasked with protecting corporations and employees from cyber threats, the dark web can be a goldmine of information. But despite this fact, just 1 in 7 IT security professionals have ever visited the dark web in an effort to improve their[...]

How much for a stolen credit card? The logic behind the underground pricing

A seismic shift has taken place in the underground market on the dark web -- what was once exclusive and open to those with tech savvy is now a varied, crowded and functioning eco-system of goods and transactions.

[New Report] More than 18,000 Phishing Domains are Targeting the Global Automotive Industry

In January, CSO Magazine published a comprehensive article explaining how the connected car constitutes a more complex security threat than many people realize.

Stolen Equifax Consumer Data Could Command More Than 32 Million on the Black Market

What happened? On September 9, Equifax, a major credit bureau that provides credit reports in the US, announced a cybersecurity incident potentially impacting approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. According to the company’s statement, the breach[...]

How Does Human Trafficking Thrive on the Dark Web?

The news of British model Chloe Ayling being lured and kidnapped to be sold on the Dark Web has captured worldwide attention. While the 20-year-old’s story seems unbelievable, it’s actually not unique on the Dark Web.

Is a new version of Asacub offered for sale on the Russian underground?

An ad uploaded to a Russian underground black market a few days ago allegedly offers a new and improved version of the infamous banking malware Asacub. This Android malware was originally designed to steal user data and send it to a remote server,[...]

New Info Reveals ‘Profexer’ was active on Dark Web since 2011

A recent New York Times article reports that a Ukrainian hacker nicknamed ‘Profexer’ reportedly turned himself in to the FBI for assisting the Russian-run campaign to sway the 2016 US elections, dubbed “Grizzly Steppe”. The alleged campaign included[...]

Winter is Coming...For HBO and the Media Industry

Last week’s HBO hack led to the release of sensitive information about HBO executives, contact lists, and -- most salacious for the media -- scripts and low-res copies of brand new “Game of Thrones” episodes. While the hacks have not led to any[...]

New ‘Disdain’ Exploit Kit May Signal Reemergence of the Popular Hacker Tool

Exploit Kits (EK’s) have been around for at least the past decade, and every time one gets taken down, it’s only a matter of time before a new, more sophisticated one pops up on the Dark Web. Now there’s a new kid on the block named “Disdain.”

The black market for black markets-Cybercrime goes PaaS

IntSights Research Group (IRG) has uncovered an interesting new development: a black market for black markets. Developers are selling a black market framework, which allows ‘merchants’ to sell just about anything.

Lowering the Bar for Cyber Criminals

The internet is creating a new kind of criminal whose average age is just seventeen.  Most of this new criminal element are unlikely to be involved with theft, fraud, sex or harassment crimes.  The crime that these teenagers (mostly male) are[...]

Future of Tor- challanges, alternatives and predictions

Since the WikiLeaks file dumps exposed commonly used CIA exploits, concerns have been mounting around government surveillance, begging the question of whether there should be any expectation of privacy in the digital world. For Tor and other[...]

What the CIA’s hacking tools reveal about enterprise security

WikiLeaks rocked the security world with its release of the CIA’s hacking tools, called “Vault7”.  

NYFSD Cyber regulations and their impact on financial institutions

As cyber threats become more rampant, financial institutions are increasingly targeted by highly skilled and motivated criminals. While the new cyber security regulations set forth by The New York State Department of Financial Services[...]

IntSights Added to Momentum Partners 2017 Watch List

03/01/2017, SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Momentum Partners, advisors and dealmakers in cybersecurity, has announced the final 10 companies added to the firm’s annual Watch List. Each quarter 10 companies are selected after carefully weighing feedback from the[...]

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