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New Cyber Trends and Threats Targeting Financial Services Organizations [Infographic]

by Itay Kozuch / July 11, 2018

There’s no question that the threat landscape is constantly shifting for financial services companies. Throughout 2017 and the first half of 2018, we’ve seen a continued increase in attacks that directly target financial organizations, which comes as no surprise. However, increased access to user and account data has enabled cybercriminals to run large-scale fraud attacks and more successful phishing campaigns. These account-centric attacks can be very hard for financial organizations to spot and don’t just cause financial losses. They can be incredibly damaging to brand reputation and lead to huge fines.

Pre-discovery of these attacks through hacker methods, tools and other indicators is critical for banking and financial services organizations to protect customers, reduce fraud costs and maintain their brand reputation.

IntSights recently published our Financial Services Threat Landscape Report (July 2018), which provides a comprehensive overview of the current threat landscape for financial services and banking organizations based on research conducted by the IntSights Threat Research team and key threat data collected by the IntSights platform. Below you'll see a summary of our key research findings and cybercriminal trends targeting financial institutions. 


We hope this report helps you understand the important threats and trends that your organization faces so that you can make smarter cybersecurity decisions for the year ahead. Use the button below to download the full report.

Financial Services Threat Landscape Report (July 2018)
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Itay Kozuch

Itay Kozuch

Itay Kozuch is the Director of Threat Research at IntSights. He is a cybersecurity expert with over a decade of experience managing cyber-security and threat research. Prior to IntSights, Itay served as a Manager and Head of Cyber Technologies at KPMG. He previously led cyber projects and served as a CISO for major companies in Europe, West Africa and Central America.