The Company

A European defense contractor providing a range of services, including R&D for security and operation projects.

The Challenge

Defense-related industries demand the tightest security, including cybersecurity measures. Industrial espionage is always a threat and requires a high degree of knowledge on infrastructures and operations. So for an organization responsible for providing services to other defense organizations, infiltration is not just an embarrassing professional incident, but could result in an international security threat.

The Cyberthreat

In routine cyberthreat detection operations in the deep and dark web, IntSights discovered that one of the company’s contracts had been leaked and was available online. The contract included highly sensitive information, such as pricing, bank details, signatures, and even the technical documentation for the defense product. The availability of these electronic documents (which are usually kept behind firewalls in secure, non-Internet-based networks that few people know how to penetrate) presented a threat of industrial espionage or even terrorism.

The Results

Detection of threats through unique access to closed forums and other hacker dens.

Remediation and prevention of industrial espionage. IntSights’ detection and analysis enabled identification of the threat, as well as a trace back to the persons responsible for leaking the information, enabling the implementation of remedial steps to prevent additional leakages.

Retention of business reputation and education of the company. By leveraging deep and black web research and enabling the immediate identification of leakages, IntSights helped maintain the company’s credibility and prevented similar leakages in the future.

Prevention of corruption and compliance with fair trade policies. By preventing the contract from falling into the hands of competitors, corruption and foul play in the bidding on further tenders was prevented.


“IntSights has shown us that even the most seemingly secure industries are also vulnerable to threats. Without IntSights, we would not have been able to discover that our extremely sensitive information had been leaked beyond our highly secure perimeter security. We discovered that we need IntSights, and it will help keep us more secure in the future.”

Chief Information Officer