The Company

One of the largest multinational telecommunications companies, offering a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications to more than 400 million subscribers worldwide. The company provides customers with a mobile app which enables them to log into their account from their mobile phones and gain access to a range of services, including the purchase of new packages and reviewing of their spending.

The Challenge

The company’s cyber team was diligent about 24-hour monitoring of search engines, social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) and other sites in order to uncover malicious behavior. However, since the majority of their work was primarily based on manual searches, they had very limited capabilities to detect deep and sophisticated cyberthreats. Consequently, they were unaware of a fake application (purporting to be from the company) existing in one of the major app stores.

The Cyberthreat

Just days after the fake app became available online, IntSights automatically detected it and alerted the SOC team. The threat was mitigated with a single click, directing the host to remove the app from the app store.

The Results

Prevention of invasion of privacy and theft of funds. Hackers were prevented from accessing customer passwords and credit card information, and from making illegal transactions.

Prevention of tarnishing of company name. Little damage was caused to the company’s reputation, there were no company/customer breach of trust issues, and customer churn was not affected.

Prevention of virality. IntSights’ due diligence on the fake app publisher’s details detected additional fake applications originating from the same source. This enabled notification to other companies threatened by these apps and recommendations to the app store regarding the problematic publisher.


“We were aware, theoretically, that we are exposed to dozens of threats every day, but IntSights is able to catch these threats before they cause damage and before customers complain about stolen credentials or unauthorized access to their accounts. We’re happy to have IntSights protecting us on a daily basis!”

Cyber Intelligence Manager