IntSights Report Shows Banking and Financial Services Sector Continues to Be Targeted by External Threat Actors

Threat Intelligence Firm Reveals 129% Year-Over-Year Increase in Leaked Banking Credentials on Dark Web

New York, April 29th, 2019

IntSights, the threat intelligence company focused on enabling enterprises to Defend Forward™, today released an in-depth report on the external cybersecurity threats targeting the global banking and financial services (FSI) sector. The Banking & Financial Services Cyber Threat Landscape Report (April 2019) identified a number of trends impacting the FSI sector based off of terabytes of telemetry collected from the company’s Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform including:

  • FSI organizations were targeted in 25.7 percent of all malware attacks last year, more than any of the other 27 industries tracked
  • Instances of compromised credit cards increased by 212 percent year-over-year
  • 129 percent year-over-year increase in credential leaks as a result of the Collection #1 leak
  • 102 percent year-over-year increase in malicious applications, including fraudulent mobile banking apps
  • FSI organizations based in developing countries, namely in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia, experienced attacks more frequently than developed regions of the world due to a lack of external facing security systems

“Threat actors are using tactics like social media impersonation, malicious mobile applications, and phishing schemes to circumvent corporate networks and leverage organizations’ brands to trick users and run scams,” said Hadar Rosenberg, threat intelligence research analyst at IntSights. “While these tactics are not always direct attacks against a corporate system, they can be incredibly damaging and costly. This is why organizations need to be operating in the external threat environment, monitoring potential threats before they manifest into attacks.”

The IntSights Bankingleaked credit card information & Financial Services Cyber Threat Landscape Report details the most common types of attacks, regional trends, and recommendations for more effective cyber threat defense. To download a copy of the report please click here.

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