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    Partner With An Innovator

    There’s no shortage of business opportunities associated with helping organizations to protect themselves against the rising tide of cybercrime. To capitalize on them, you need to pick the right partner. IntSights is that partner, and here’s why.  

    First, we’re an innovation leader. Hundreds of companies worldwide rely on our unique capabilities for rapid, tailored cyber threat intelligence and mitigation. Second, our solution aligns perfectly with customers’ growing demands for more proactive defense. And third, we know what it takes for partners to be successful, and we’ve built it all into our partner programs.

    Become a Partner

    Programs Tailored to Your Needs

    IntSights offers our partners outstanding revenue-generation opportunities, world-class training and developer support, sales programs with attractive margins, strong operational support, and a variety of marketing incentives and opportunities.

    Once you’ve become an IntSights Partner, our team will work closely with yours to ensure the success of existing customers, and to find new ones.  Our packages are tailored to the varying needs of different types of partners. Click on the category that’s right for you to learn more.  


    IntSights’ Reseller partner program is designed to support and reward sales and services organizations that commit to learning about the Insights Platform and effectively representing it in the market. For Resellers, IntSights’ Partner program includes all the technical and business-side support you need to make your customers’ implementations successful.   

    • Open API access
    • Deal Registration
    • Generous Gross Profit margins
    • Renewal Protection
    • Training – both remote and onsite available
    • Discounted licenses for internal use
    • Marketing – Joint programs and co-op program funding
    • Lead sharing
    • Sales support & Pre -Sales Engineer support
    • Guided Proof of Concept management
    • Marketing collateral & content support
    Managed Security Service Providers
    A big challenge for managed security service providers (MSSPs) is keeping their product and service offerings in-line with their customers’ changing requirements. With advanced threat intelligence and mitigation features, and easy integration with customers’ existing security infrastructures, the IntSight Platform is a great addition to MSSPs’ service portfolios.
    • Open API access
    • Generous Gross Profit margins
    • Training – both remote and onsite available
    • Discounted licenses for internal use
    • Marketing – Joint programs and co-op program funding
    • Marketing collateral & content support
    • Monthly or quarterly invoicing
    • Consumption model pricing
    • White labeling available
    • Technical support
    Referral Partners
    This program is for any company that’s active in cybersecurity, or has customers or partners who need tailored threat intelligence and mitigation. Simply refer InSights’ industry-leading solutions to those customers, and for each qualified referral, you’ll earn a generous referral fee.
    Alliance Partners

    As the number of online threats and attacks continue to multiply, customers are looking to the vendor community to help them do more with their existing cyber-security infrastructures. IntSights’ Alliance Partner program is designed to give technology vendors a smart and efficient way to help meet this important customer need. IntSights’ provides a range of integration, testing and support resources to ensure that for the customer, the whole of your solution plus ours is greater than the parts.  

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