The Company

One of the top global Fortune 100 companies, managing a portfolio of global supply chains for a range of industrial and energy products and handling operations and numerous financial logistics worldwide.

The Challenge

In large corporations, financial transactions are often authorized by email. One of the ways that hackers cause damage to organizations is by registering phishing domains and making emails appear as if they are being sent by a legitimate source from within the company. Since these emails often appear very professional and legitimate, hackers can potentially illegitimately request large fund transfers in the name of an authorized signatory, such as the company’s CFO. While internal IT teams may uncover some attempts, the limitations of manual handling may prevent them from catching every potential fake domain.

The Cyberthreat

IntSights discovered the registration of a new phishing domain that was similar to the company’s domain. This timely detection allowed the company to block it, preventing the offender from sending emails from the domain to company employees. A number of days later, an email containing a fake invoice and requesting a transfer of money to an illegitimate bank account was sent to the company, and blocked from reaching its destination.

The Results

Prevention of phishing emails. Timely alerting of the company concerning a phishing threat prevented the infiltration of phishing emails into the organization.

Prevention of theft. Theft was thwarted by preventing the transfer of funds to criminal targets.


“The fact that IntSights caught this phishing domain in time for us to block inbound email messages is marvelous. We are constantly on the lookout for fake domains and other threats, but often we find them too late and have to rely on the recipients being hyperaware. We are pleased to have IntSights on our side.”

Chief Security Officer