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    IntSights is revolutionizing cyber security with a first of its kind Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation platform that delivers proactive defense by transforming threat intelligence into automated security action. It monitors your external risk profile, aggregates and analyzes tens of thousands of threats, and automates the risk mitigation lifecycle.  

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    Our ground-breaking data-mining algorithms and unique cyber reconnaissance capabilities continuously scan the clear, deep and dark web to deliver tailored, contextual insights about potential threats to your organization, employees, executives and board members, and seamlessly integrate with your existing security solutions to eliminate operational vulnerabilities, secure data, and protect resources.  

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    Our Platform

    Turning Tailored Threat Intelligence into Security Action

    Tailored Intelligence

    Thorough reconnaissance with active monitoring of thousands of threat sources across the surface, deep and dark web produces real-time visibility into threats targeting your network, brand, assets, and people.

    IOC Enrichment & Management (TIP)

    Intelligent aggregation of internal and external threat feeds alongside tailored threat reconnaissance allows for IOC prioritization according to the risks they pose to your organization.

    Automated Remediation

    Integration with your existing security infrastructure as well as registrars, search engines, app stores and leading email systems enable automated mitigation of external and internal threats.

    Threat Research & Analysis

    Multi-layered database for threat investigations of the deep and dark web identifies malware trends, provides contextual pre attack intelligence, and surveys threat actors.

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