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    The business world is changing rapidly. Each new application, operating system, and way of handling customer data creates new vulnerabilities and attack vectors. You need to be focused on targeted threats, agile in adjusting defenses, and decisive with your actions.

    Financial Services

    To boost their competitiveness, financial services companies are moving their operations to the cloud, and embracing new technologies such blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and digital payment systems.


    The rapid adoption of next-generation transactional and virtual shopping technologies in parallel with demands for customer engagement and rewards programs have introduced new risks, putting security teams tasked with protecting the brand and its loyal customers in the crosshairs.

    Gaming & Leisure

    For years, the Gaming, Hospitality and Leisure industry has been a favored target of criminals.  Unfortunately, hackers are now also finding favor in targeting the industry as technologies adopted to improve customer experience and maximize revenue have created online opportunities for exploitation, data theft and fraud.


    It’s well known that the healthcare sector is in in an uphill battle with hackers. What’s less widely recognized is that as hospitals expand their use of connected medical devices, it’s opening up new attack vectors for hackers.

    Oil & Gas

    The need for a shared approach to critical infrastructure protection, and the increasing role connectivity plays in operational efficiency, have moved energy companies away from the ‘air gaps’ that used to protect their networks – and into hackers’ line of fire.


    Manufacturers are connecting their networks, integrating their OT and IT environments, and using the Industrial Internet of Things’ sensor data and machine-to-machine communication to run their supply chains, production lines, and entire factories. This automation and connectivity delivers big efficiency gains, but it also creates a much larger attack surface for hackers to infiltrate.

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