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    The business world is changing rapidly. Each new application, operating system, and way of handling customer data creates new vulnerabilities and attack vectors. You need to be focused on targeted threats, agile in adjusting defenses, and decisive with your actions.

    Security Executives

    As a security leader, you own your organization's cybersecurity framework. From top to bottom, you set the strategy and oversee management, handling the people, processes, and technologies.

    Security Managers

    As a Security Operations leader, you’ve got hands-on responsibility for your organization’s day-to-day cybersecurity. While others may set your organization’s cybersecurity strategies, you own the day-to-day implementation of those policies, protocols and procedures.

    Threat Analysts & Hunters

    As threat intelligence analysts and threat hunters you have two enemies: the attackers and time. As to the first enemy, the ever-growing global army of hackers, cybercriminals and other threat actors presents a challenge with their sheer numbers.

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