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    The growing threat landscape means more tasks cybersecurity teams must attend to in order to maintain protection for their organizations.  IntSights simplifies phishing detection, brand protection, dark web monitoring and more. 

    Following is just a partial list of the use cases the IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform solves.  

    Phishing Detection

    Phishing is popular among attackers because it’s simple and it works. There are, however, proactive measures organizations can take to cut off these attacks before they can cause damage.

    Vulnerability Prioritization

    Given how fast the threat landscape grows and changes, manually correlating threat and exploit data to vulnerabilities is no longer a viable strategy.

    Dark Web Monitoring

    Attackers often tip their hands by doing things on the surface and dark web like scouting targets, using suspicious tools, and collaborating with other hackers.

    Brand Protection

    It takes lots of time, effort, and money to create a brand and build brand equity. That’s what makes it so valuable  – and so popular as targets for hackers.

    Threat Investigation & Response

    In any adversarial situation, it’s critical to study and know your enemy.

    Fraud Detection

    Most organizations have a range of IT security tools in place, such as firewalls, gateways, IDS/IPS, and malware detection systems. With these tougher defense-in-depth measures to beat, many hackers now use fraud instead.

    Rogue & Fake Mobile App Detection

    With users handling more and more of their daily activities via their smartphones and tablets, devices have become prime targets of hackers, and rogue mobile applications are becoming a preferred attack strategy.

    VIP Protection

    Organizations need to worry about cybersecurity for other senior people associated with their businesses, including investors, board members, and advisors.

    External Threat Mitigation

    Enterprise organizations need a more efficient way to monitor the online places where these attacks are formulated, as well as more targeted and decisive ways to take down external threats once they’ve been identified.

    Internal Risk Remediation

    The challenge for security teams is the time it takes to update their existing security devices to protect employees from hackers targeted attempts to exploit them.

    IOC Prioritization

    While data and threat feeds can certainly contain valuable security intelligence, these feeds create major challenges for cybersecurity professionals.

    Credential Leakage

    The easiest and most effective way for any criminal to succeed is with direct, credentialed access.  Stolen credentials may be used in order to infiltrate a company’s systems.

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