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    As the threat landscape for financial services organizations continues to evolve, so too must your threat intelligence. Traditional cyber security measures are no longer enough to defend against threats. You need to expand your view of the threat landscape to protect your employees, your customers and your organization.

    IntSights for Financial Services is built specifically for banking and financial institutions, enabling you to anticipate direct threats, identify and block fraud attempts, and protect your customers from social engineering schemes. Here’s how IntSights for Financial Services can enhance your threat intelligence program.



    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights enables banking and financial services organizations to identify, understand, and preemptively mitigate attacks before they impact your customers, disrupt your operations, cause reputational damage, or create regulatory exposure. Here’s how you can leverage our tailored and actionable threat intelligence:

    Anticipate Direct Threats
    Identify and automatically mitigate threats that directly impact your organization, like malware campaigns, employee phishing, insider threats and credential leakage.
    Reduce Fraud
    Monitor for specific Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), SWIFT codes and routing number to anticipate and block fraudulent activity before it takes place.
    Protect Customers
    Identify and take down phishing campaigns that target your customers and leverage your company name to protect brand reputation and reduce potential fraud attempts.
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