What We Do

    It’s well known that the healthcare sector is in in an uphill battle with hackers. What’s less widely recognized is that as hospitals expand their use of connected medical devices, it’s opening up new attack vectors for hackers. Now, instead of just holding networks or EMR systems for ransom, hackers can do the same with things like dialysis machines, insulin pumps, and CAT scanners.

    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights gives healthcare organizations the tailored intelligence and automated remediation capabilities they need to protect themselves and their patients from these evolving cybersecurity threats.

    Hospital-Centric Threat Reconnaissance
    Visibility of fraudulent domains, fake mobile apps, social media pages, patient care portals, and leaked credentials from a healthcare delivery organization.
    Real-Time Notifications
    Alert patients, clinical and administrative staffs, outpatient and at-home care providers, require verification of access credentials, take down malicious domains and apps to protect patient data and prevent or minimize disruption of care services.
    Streamlined Remediation
    Mitigate validated risks by triggering automated, preemptive actions to block attacks targeting connected devices, and by updating firewalls, gateways, proxies, and endpoint tools with a single click.  
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