What We Do

    Manufacturers are connecting their networks, integrating their OT and IT environments, and using the Industrial Internet of Things’ sensor data and machine-to-machine communication to run their supply chains, production lines, and entire factories. This automation and connectivity delivers big efficiency gains, but it also creates a much larger attack surface for hackers to infiltrate.

    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights gives manufacturers the tailored intelligence and automated remediation capabilities they need to leverage automation while protecting their plants, equipment, processes, and intellectual property.

    Company- and Process-Specific Reconnaissance
    Continual monitoring of the threat landscape to detect botnets, IoT-based malware, and IT/OT threats that either directly target a manufacturer, present risks to the specific technologies and systems a manufacturer has in use.
    Real-Time Notifications
    Instantly alert customers, partners, distributors. and supply chain vendors about building threats, and provide the contextual information and recommended actions for minimizing or eliminating the vulnerability.
    Automatically Directed Remediation
    Mitigate validated risks by triggering automated, preemptive actions in industrial control systems, IoT and M2M processes, and other operational technologies, and in IT environments by initiating updates to firewalls, gateways, proxies, and endpoint tools.
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