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      What We Do

      The need for a shared approach to critical infrastructure protection, and the increasing role connectivity plays in operational efficiency, have moved oil and gas companies away from the ‘air gaps’ that used to protect their networks – and into hackers’ line of fire.

      Case Study: Spoof Domain Eliminated

      Why Choose Us?

      IntSights provides oil and gas companies with the tailored threat intelligence and automated remediation they need to protect against attacks that aim to exploit their new, more connected networks.
      Relevance-Driven Threat Monitoring
      Early and granular visibility into growing threats that are specifically targeted at or present relevant risks to oil and gas companies’ operational technology (OT) networks and industrial control systems, or their traditional IT networks.
      Industrial Process Protection
      Rapidly alert suppliers, partners, peer companies, regulators and customers about hackers’ attack strategies and intended exploit tactics, and deliver specific recommendations for effective threat mitigation.
      Streamlined Remediation
      Mitigate risks to OT networks by automatically triggering remediation actions by SCADA systems’ security components, and on the IT side by initiating updates to firewalls, gateways, proxies, and endpoint tools.
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