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Security executives

    leadership & Focus

    As a security leader, you set the strategy, oversee management, and handling of the people, processes, and technologies.

    With threats growing and evolving so rapidly, it’s a challenge to keep strategies and defenses current. Stop worrying about all threats and focus on just the ones that matter.

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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform makes it possible for you and your team to be proactive , agile and efficient in day-to-day operations while delivering strategic intelligence to other departments across the organization. 
    Stay Current with the Threat Landscape
    Access to trending threats, campaigns, malware data from both open and anonymized sources delivers a live snapshot of threat actors’ intentions, plans and tactics.
    Guide Strategy and Adjust Tactics
    Tailored intelligence informs strategy decisions and integrations with cybersecurity systems enable rapid, preemptive actions that eliminate vulnerabilities and mitigate threats.
    Build & Communicate Business Value
    Execute strategies and projects supporting organizational priorities related to brand protection, regulatory compliance and customer data protection initiatives. 
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