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Threat Analysts & Hunters

    Find & Mitigate targeted threats

    You have two enemies: attackers and time. The ever-growing global army of cybercriminals present a challenge with their sheer numbers. And the infinite sources of threat intelligence available is neary impossible to analyze.  If it doesn’t happen quickly enough, opportunities to take preemptive security measures are lost, and the attackers prevail.

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    Why Choose Us?

    The IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform lets you fight both enemies effectively - giving you visibility of the entire threat landscape and the intelligent processing power to find answers fast. 
    Keep Pace with the Evolving Threat Landscape
    Focus reconnaissance and monitoring on the threats that pose the greatest risks to your organization, your industry segment, the technologies you have in use.
    Fast, Accurate and Thorough Analysis
    Automated, contextual analysis and IOC enrichment combined with a multi-layered research module help you quickly diagnose who’s behind building threats, how they plan to launch their attacks, and how best to mitigate them.
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