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Credential Leakage

    Monitor Protected access

    The easiest and most effective way for any criminal to succeed is with direct, credentialed access to protected systems.  Stolen emails and passwords are some of the most valued information on the dark web, and unfortunately social-engineering campaigns and gaps in security processes leave them exposed and easily attainable.
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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights shines a light on data leaks and provides near real-time notification of credential leakage incidents.
    Tailored Intelligence
    Continuous surface, deep and dark web monitoring of applications types, keywords, domains, IPs, and employee names. 
    Real-time Alerting
    Automate employee and security team notification of compromised credentials with instructions for immediate password change.
    Active Directory Integration
    Direct integration with Active Directory can be configured to force credential updates upon new log-in attempts to ensure threat mediation and employee protection.
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