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External Threat Mitigation

    takedown fake domains and apps

    Hackers and other cybercriminals are creative, resourceful and relentless, and there are more of them than ever.  Enterprise organizations need a more efficient way to monitor the online places where these attacks are formulated, as well as more targeted and decisive ways to take down external threats once they’ve been identified.
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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights continuously scans the surface, deep and dark web to identify malicous attempts to scam customers, employees and partners using illegimate social media campaigns, app stores and spoofed websites. 
    Operational Awareness
    Visibility of fraudulent domains, fake mobile apps or social media pages, or any number of other illicit online activities.
    Rapid Response
    Detailed attack development timelines provide the required evidence to confirm malicous activities and engage with domain registrars, app stores, and search engines.
    Automated and analyst-driven threat takedown capabilities let organizations quickly dispatch the external threat to eliminate the risk.
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