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Internal Risk Remediation

    integrated protection

    The human factor -  it’s exactly what hackers count on. They exploit people doing seemingly innocent things like visiting a website, downloading software, or opening an email. The challenge for security teams is updating existing security devices to protect employees from targeted attempts to exploit them.
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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights delivers intelligence and automation that mitigates risk and streamlines security processes.
    Tailored Intelligence
    Continuous, tailored surface, deep and dark web monitoring drives real-time alerting to the presence of employee target lists, suspicious domains, phishing campaigns, and leaked credentials.
    Security Automation
    Pre-built connectors and API-level integration with a wide range of security devices enables automation of the time-consuming and mundane task required to update in-place security devices.
    Resource Efficiency
    With updates automated, cybersecurity professionals gain the time they need to focus on more strategic security concerns.  
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