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Rogue & Fake Mobile App Detection

    application security

    If there’s one trait that cybercriminals have in common, it’s that they always go where the money is. With users handling more and more of their daily activities via their smartphones and tablets – including their banking, investing, and shopping transactions – those devices have become prime targets of hackers, and rogue mobile applications are becoming a preferred attack strategy.
    rogue fake mobile app detection.jpg

    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights’ rigorous scanning of the deep and dark web uncovers malicious impersonation of our customers’ brands and business, and can quickly detect when rogue or fake mobile apps are made available in major app stores.
    Automated Detection
    Surface, deep and dark web scanning capabilities identify suspicious applications, provide detailed forsenic data, and enable rapid investigation and analysis.
    Eliminate malicious and rogue applications quickly via IntSights' partnerships with app stores to mitigate risks to application users and their sensitive data. 
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