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Threat Investigation & Response

    study your ADVERSARY 

    In any adversarial situation, it’s critical to study and know your enemy. With decades of experience leading elite military cybersecurity operations, IntSights’ founders understand this need and have built capabilities for rapid response.   
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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights’ provides customers unmatched visibility into potential threats and detailed, evidentiary trends and campaign data for in-depth threat investigation, monitoring and engagement.
    Dark Web Visibility
    Reconnaissance of hackers’ pre-attack activities combined with unique intelligence scanned from a range of other sources allows active monitoring of potential threats. 
    Customized Intelligence
    Powerful data mining algorithms and machine learning capabilities analyze, categorize, enrich and prioritize threat data relevant to your organization.
    Automated Remediation
    Automated remediation workflows update existing protection tools to derail pending attacks.
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