The Company

A large utility provider supporting energy for millions of homes and businesses.

The Challenge

The company’s cyber intelligence team scans social media sites, search engines and forums for mentions of its services, in order to discover phishing or other cyberthreats. However, such manual searches have limited impact and fail to uncover the majority of the threats.

The Cyberthreat

IntSights detected a customer’s Twitter message about receiving a strange email from the company. Using a real domain which had been spoofed by the hacker, the email requested customers to provide their credit card details to the sender. IntSights notified the company and the threat was remediated with a single click on the IntSights dashboard. The email providers were instructed to remove the email from their servers, thereby preventing customers from receiving it. Further remediation included removal of the phishing website (where the customers entered their credit card details) and publication of details about the phishing/spoofing attack through the company’s public communication channels, in order to safeguard customers.

The Results

Detection of cyberthreats in real time. Unlike traditional solutions based on manual intelligence gathering and analyst interpretation, IntSights provides real-time cyber detection through fully automated scanning.

Prevention of theft and data leakage. IntSights timely notification enabled the company to prevent disclosure of credit card details to the wrong people. Given the number of households receiving services from the company, the possible damage could have been massive.

Customer Confidence: Thwarting of the phishing domain, elimination of the emails and company communications ensured customer confidence in the company.


“There are so many possible threat sources out there, far too much for us to cover manually. As IntSights constantly scans, aggregates and prioritizes, we know that we have a cyber partner to help us deal with cyber threats in real-time. With IntSights, we don’t have leave our customers’ or our company’s security to chance.”

Cyber Intelligence Officer