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Tailored Intelligence

    Anticipate Threats

    Smart hackers plan their offensives before launching an attack. They scout targets and collaborate with like-minded individuals, seeking tools and information that can help them achieve their goals. For experienced cyber intelligence operatives, these are clear signals of an impending attack.

    Tailored Intelligence

    Why Choose Us?

    Threat Command, IntSights' tailored threat intelligence solution, crawls and monitors tens of thousands of sources across the surface, deep and dark web to gather threat data and collect attack indicators to deliver tailored threat intelligence specific to your brand, assets, applications, employees, customers and supply chain.

    External Risk & Brand Monitoring
    Continuously monitor and analyze your organization's domains, IP addresses, DLP indicators, mobile applications, social media pages, secret projects, technologies in use, BINs, VIP names and emails to identify and validate threats to your organization.
    Threat Alerting & Categorization
    Analyze and prioritize potential data leaks, brand imitation incidents, phishing attacks, external system vulnerabilities and VIP alerts to classify and respond to targeted threats.
    Operational Awareness
    Share continuous risk alerts with other departments including compliance, IT, public affairs, legal, R&D, fraud and HR to manage and eliminate risks to partners, employees, customers and brand.
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