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Threat Research & analysis

    Know the enemy

    Threat Intelligence is dynamic and ever-changing. Analysts and hunters need the ability to monitor trends, correlate IOCs, TTPs and actor pseudonyms, and proactively engage known and emerging threats to ensure situational awareness and the best possible operational security posture.

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    Why Choose Us?

    IntSights’ Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform empowers customers to conduct their own threat investigations of the deep and dark web to identify malware trends, gain contextual information about attacks in development, and actively surveil and engage the threat actors targeting their organization. 

    Threat Actor Monitoring
    Proactively investigate and engage threat actors as well as monitor underground communities.
    Dark Web Trends & Investigation
    Research the latest trends including malware, campaigns, TTPs, IOCs, and observables.
    Link Analysis
    Correlate and analyze links collected from tens of thousands of sources to identify malicious or spoofed domains.
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